Review by: Vickie Young
Photos by: Greg Young

If you’ve ever wondered if blondes have more fun the answer seemed pretty clear with Shania Twain’s performance at the Air Canada Centre this past Wednesday night. The stunning Canadian native set hearts a flutter with her new vamped up hair and sexified persona that roared she still feels like a woman.

Twain’s return to Toronto after 11 years brought an entirely different artist with a whole new bag of tricks. It seems a residency in Vegas not only helped her find her voice, but upped the ante in showmanship and a fierce empowerment that has been reclaimed.

The crowd was already busting at the seams when the mega-star emerged through the smoke on a riser donning thigh-high boots, a sequined top, and a black fringe jacket complete with sunglasses. A spectacular light show with fireballs carried the pulse of energy, pushing “Rock This Country” to the limit. A seven-piece ensemble joined Twain and carried through for the next 90 minutes of a 19-song powerhouse performance.

Twain got right to business with ease and confidence, gliding her way through a plethora of hits, each offering its own unique side show of visual stimuli, from video reels to dazzling light and pryo demonstrations. “Any Man Of Mine” was delivered with Twain circling the venue while riding on a platform and waving to the fans. “Up” was easily a crowd favourite with Twain perched on a giant red fringed saddle hoisted into the air.

A perfect segue was found to take the show to a more intimate level when Twain spotted a fan wearing a T-shirt that read “Kiss Me, I’m 83.” The very lucky and surprised fan got both a hug and kiss before the show settled down for some acoustic time. A beautiful melody-driven trilogy of “Today is Your Day,” “No One Needs To Know,” and “You’re Still The One” rounded out the nostalgic set.

The encore featured Twain wearing black gloves, a silver corset, and those infamous thigh-high boots to perform the tune that inspired the attire “Man, I Feel Like a Woman.” It was both awesome and inspiring to witness Twain sell the lyric, own the lyric, and quite literally bring it home.

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