Projected - Human - Album Review

Yaya Papu LLC


Every time I hear the phrase 'side project', I simultaneously feel excitement and trepidation. Will it be one of the many that ends up being so much less than the sum of their parts, or the proverbial spreading of wings to take flight on a parallel yet unexplored journey?

First off, Sevendust has been one my rotating top 3 favourite bands (depending on my mood and who has the newest release) since I first heard the song “Denial” back in 2002. That was all I needed to hear and have been buying their CDs ever since - some multiples times, because a lent out Sevendust CD never comes Home (inside Sevendust fan joke).

Alter Bridge found me through radio. After I heard the first single “Find The Real”, I bought the CD (again twice - I no longer lend out CDs because of this). I have to be honest here; I never was a big fan of Creed. I wouldn't ask anyone to turn it off, but I wouldn't ask to turn it up either, but Alter Bridge was just a completely different animal. With booming, driving rhythms, shredding solos, soulful wailing vocals, and just plain wicked tunes, this was a band I could sink my teeth into.

So here we are, maybe a little Creed, definitely some Alter Bridge and Tremonti Project, and a bit more Sevendust (no disrespect to anyone, but my ear is a bit biased).

Needles to say I was doing my best to temper my expectations, so let me say this: ever since I got my hands on the CD Human (and you poor sods have to wait till Sept. 18th), I literally have listened to nothing else. Sevendust guitarist John Connolly (adding vocals in Projected) and bassist Vince Hornsby, Alter Bridge/Creed drummer Scott Phillips, and Tremonti Project/Creed guitarist Eric Friedman (adding vocals in Projected) have managed take all that they are known for and turn it into even more.

To say that this band is more than the sum of their parts just doesn’t seem to cut it. The songs on this disc are, plainly put, awesome! With a natural, un-contrived flow from track to track, you can actually hear that these cats are friends who just wanted to jam, without anyone fighting to put their own stamp on the tunes. From “12804” through to “Bring You Back” (which features a guest vocal performance by Lajon of Sevendust), Projected takes you on a furious flight, a musical journey that is at once both familiar and exhilaratingly new. If you like any of the bands mentioned here, you will love this CD!

I still don’t have a favourite tune. There’s no way I can pick just one off this disc, so I will say this: there is a three song passage that I really love. Starting with “Breaking Me”, a track with a definite Rob Zombie flavour, to the lovely little layered guitar instrumental track “Into”, followed by the contrasting melodic metal chunk of “HELLo”.

Human is one of the ‘few and far between’ CDs that you will listen to from beginning to end over and over and never tire of it. You can check out their first single “Watch It Burn” on Youtube at and get all the purchase info on their website.

Buy it, listen to it, love it. I know I am!