If These Trees Could Talk - Red Forest Album Review

Science of Silence Records

By Mike Bax

Get your post-rock party hats on boys and girls! March 20th will see the much-anticipated release of Red Forest, Arkon, Ohio's If These Trees Could Talk's (ITTCT) sophomore studio release.

While it would be easiest to say ITTCT is a five-piece instrumental band with a sound owing much to Explosions In the Sky and God Is An Astronaut, ITTCT bring a level of intensity to their studio material that sounds a bit more ominous and heavy, giving some oomph on many of their songs that would please fans of meandering metal music. 'The First Fire' has a meaty guitar and drum combination that will totally prompt the listener to bang their head along with the song.

There is a lot of this genre of music available. I find that people either love it or hate it, with very little neutral ground on the subject. Instrumental material is a tough sell - always has been, always will be. Listeners willing to give ITTCT a chance will find numerous examples of headphone worthy songs that start in a sombre fashion and build to epic guitar and drums crescendos in a majestic fashion. 'When The Big Hand Buries The Twelve' is a prime example of how to do post rock correctly. When the songs builds to its thundering apex at around the six-minute mark and rocks out like something one might hear from a band like TOOL, the commercial viability of ITTCT becomes all too obvious.

While the band is heading to Europe for a run of dates after a hometown show on March 16th, expect a North American tour date announcement in the weeks following Red Forest's release.

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