9Yrs - The El Mocambo, Toronto - March 21, 2012 - Canadian Music Week

Review and Photos by Dave MacIntyre


9Yrs, a Toronto based 5-piece, was a pleasant Canadian Music Fest discovery and a band I hope to see perform live again.  There isn’t a whole lot of information about them on the internet and strangely, their Bandcamp and MySpace pages are both without samples of their music, which in today’s world of self-promoting artists, can’t be helping them much to become noticed. 

The band performed a catchy set of songs that had an early 90’s Brit-pop feel to them and included very nice elements of shoegazer layers in their guitar playing.  Lead vocalist Ivy, whose look immediately struck me as fittingly similar to Elastica’s Justine Friscmann, appeared most comfortable when she was singing and she did so with near effortless skill. 

I am guessing the band has probably spent more time together in a rehearsal studio than in front of live audiences because despite sounding solid musically, they appeared shy and a little uncomfortable in front of the El Mocambo audience.  If they work harder at being seen and heard off the stage, I believe they will receive plenty of opportunities to play live, as their popularity is sure to grow.